Puerto Lussich Lodge

Quillen - The Quillen flows into the Aluminé at Rahue. It's my favorite Argentine river - one of my favorites anyplace. It's similar in size to the Malleo. You never need to fish below the surface in this river, although it can be effective. The bottom five to 10 miles of the Quillen allow public access in many spots, and it is beautiful, productive water. But the upper section (to about a mile below Lago Quillen) is the real gem, and it is accessible by staying at Puerto Lussich, a small but charming (and expensive) lodge on one of the two estancias that control this section of the river. Puerto Lussich also has accommodations on Lago Quillen, and the other estancia also has a lodge. I have stayed on the upper Quillen three times for nine days, and no one else was at the lodge all of that time. Keep in mind, this is quite remote. It's about 80 miles on a dirt road (with no services) from Junin. But really not a bad trip.

The Quillen has all kinds of water - riffles, flat pools, back eddies, even some sections with large weed beds - very much like a spring creek. It is not easy to catch the large trout, but there are plenty around. Sippers can often be spotted, and they provide the same challenges and pleasures as on our rivers. I have never seen another angler on the Quillen. Attractor dries are effective, particularly in the faster water, when there are no rising fish. A #12 Adams is very reliable.

If you stay at Puerto Lussich you eat your meals with the owner, Mario Lussich, and his family. He's an expert and incredibly enthusiastic fisherman, and often will accompany (i.e., guide) guests for a day of fishing. He's a partner in the Buenos Aires Orvis shop. You might ask him about the Mallalco, but don't be surprised if you can't get to fish this small, beautiful spring creek (a tributary of the Quillen) because its fragility is assiduously protected. If you get to fish it, you should have an unforgettable day.

Charles G. Tacher