Libro Fly Fisherman in Patagonia - Dic 2008

"A Trout Bum's Guide To Argentina"

Authors:  Barrett Mattison and Evan Jones
Patagonia is a land of awe-inspiring immensity as vast as it is varied, and offers every conceivable type of fly water and scenery.  It is one of the last remaining fly-fishing frontiers on earth, and in its more remote areas is still a sparsely inhabited frontier land as trackless and wild as it was centuries ago, where many lakes and rivers remain relatively unknown and unexplored by fishermen. 

Mattison and Jones traveled the entire length of Argentine Patagonia, fishing and camping, from Alumine to Ushuaia, and most places in-between.  In Fly-Fishing in Pagatonia, Mattison and Jones have done much to help fill the large gap in information that hangs over Patagonia.  Fly-fishermen will find: a description and history of Patagonia; the trout in the region, past and present; basic logistics for travel to this immense and varied land, including advantages and disadvantages for each season; what to bring; tackle; flies; regulations; transportation; the people; the waters in Neugen, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego provinces; and so much more.
6 x 9 Inches, 232 Pages, All Color
Published December 2008


"Even after spending a considerable amount of time in Argentine Patagonia, I'm amazed at how much information is in this book that I wasn't aware of.  Any angler visiting this remote and splendid region with this book in hand will quickly realize that it's absolutely invaluable for everyone from the lodge visitor to the wandering trout bum.  It's everything a guidebook should be, and more.  If we'd had a copy of this on our journey, it would have been a different story indeed."__Ryan Davey, Founding Partner of the Angling Exploration Group, LLC.